Salesforce CPQ Implementation Guide

Step 1: Define Goals

  • reducing the amount of time spent selling
  • Increasing the turnaround time for quotes
  • Raising the Average Order Value (AOV)
  • Improving quote precision
  • lowering attrition while raising win and renewal rates

Step 2: Focus on Supercritical CPQ Features

Step 3: Choose the right project team

  • Recruit top achievers as well as backups in case of an unexpected resource shortage.
  • Contact your CPQ implementation partner to choose which project technique to use.

Step 4: Optimize the Organization’s Quote-to-Cash Process

Step 5: Focus on Data Management

Step 6: Plan on a Change Management Team

Step 7: Plan on Documentation

  • Quoting
  • Adding Products
  • Configuring Products
  • Approvals
  • Document Generation
  • Document Signing
  • Close Win Opp
  • Amendments
  • Renewals
  • Product Configuration
  • Pricing Configuration
  • Approval Configuration
  • Quote Templates
  • eSignature Configuration
  • Automation
  • Production Migration Template
  • Legacy Data Migration Template

Step 8: Ensure Post Production Support



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